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WCFCB Compensates death of furnace blast victim

26th May 2021

WCFCB Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer Mrs Priscilla Bwembya led a team to Chambishi to visit a widow (Vivian Mwila) to one of the 11 victims of the occupational accident that occurred at Jinfer Steel Company three weeks ago. Pocket money, funeral grant and assorted food items have been given to the widow with a one year two month old baby.The widow has now been registered with WCFCB to receive compensation benefits on a monthly basis.
On 13th May 2021, eleven people, among them a Chinese, nursed burns after a furnace exploded while they were melting scrap metals at Jinfer Steel Company in Chambishi. One of them (Maybin Nkandu) succumbed to death due to the severe burns. Four have been discharged. Six are currently admitted to the hospital.