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Fire Accident – The Case of Kafue Gorge Lower

2nd November 2020

So fire is a hazard so near us than we ordinarily think; it can occur at any time in the work place as the case was in Kafue where press reports confirm that workers from Sino Hydro suffered injuries and death due to a fire that swept through the Kafue Gorge Lower hydro power project recently.

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Holistic approach towards social security

24th March 2020

Workers Compensation Fund Control Board (WCFCB) is an integral part of the social security in system in Zambia. It provides employment injury protection to all private and public sector workers except permanent civil servants, teachers, police and the armed forces

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Farewell Dinner for former Commissioner and Board Members

9th January 2020

WORKERS’ Compensation Fund Control Board’s robust efforts to deliver a well-functioning social security system to the Zambian people has received praise from Government.

Labour and Social Security Minister Joyce Nonde-Simukoko said recently in Chisamba during the farewell dinner for the Board of Directors and the former WCFCB Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer Dr Elizabeth Nkumbula, that the social security scheme was on the right path.

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