The Workers’ Compensation Fund Control Board conducts Accident Prevention programs at various work places to help employers reduce the occurrence of accidents and diseases. This function is carried out by the Occupational Health and Safety Department, located in Kitwe. Full contact details are given at the bottom of this page.

Current statistics show that an average of one thousand and two hundred accidents and diseases are reported to the Board annually for the purpose of settling compensation claims in respect of occupational accidents and diseases.

These accidents and diseases are prevalent in all sectors of the economy with the most affected being mining, construction, transport, manufacturing and commerce.

However, the Board conducts the following gratis programs at various work places to mitigate the effects of these contingencies on both the employer and the worker:

(a) Accident Prevention lectures and seminars,
(b) Accident Prevention inspections and appraisal visits
(c) Establishment for Accident Prevention committees.

Application of COmpensation for Occupational Injuries & Diseases

Compensation for occupational accidents and diseases applies to

• employers in the public and private sectors of the economy; and
• permanent and casual workers, who because of workplace accidents or diseases: are injured, killed or become ill.

Compensation for occupational accidents and diseases excludes;

• Members of the Defense Force of Zambia
• Members of the Zambia Air force
• Members of the Zambia Police Service
• Members of the Zambia National Service
• Civil servants

Workers are entitled to compensation if they are injured or contract a disease because of employment related activities.

Accident Prevention and Related Programs - Employers Visited in 2011


Kitwe City Council Kitwe Safety Inspection
Master Drilling Ltd Kitwe Could not be located
Supermetal Industries Kitwe Safety Inspection
Zalco LTD Kitwe Safety Inspection
Avies Sun Fine Steel Kitwe Safety Inspection
Tuskers LTD Kitwe Safety Inspection
Super Deal Investment Kitwe Safety Inspection
Phils Reconditioning Kitwe Safety Inspection
Workers’ Compensation Ndola Safety Inspection (Server Room)
Scaw Kitwe Safety Inspection
Blu Rock Mining Ltd Kitwe Not located
Fire Prevention Ndola Safety Inspection
National Airports Corp Ltd Ndola Safety Inspection
Barloworld Ndola Safety Lecture
Johnken Friendship Farm Kitwe Safety Inspection
Frazer Alexander Tailings Chingola Safety Inspection
Grizzly Mining Ltd Lufwanyama Safety Inspection
York Farms Lusaka Safety Training
York Farms Mumbwa Road Safety Lecture
Rockmech Mining & Constar Mumbwa Road Safety Appraisal
Zambezi Portland Cement Ndola Safety Appraisal


During the safety appraisals, the most common non-conformance's/unsafe conditions found during the inspections were:

• Lack of Safety & Health Policies
• Inadequate firefighting equipment
• Absence of first aiders at various sites
• Lack of the permit to work systems in place
• No safety committees at the workplace

The Occupational Health Management Board in collaboration with the Workers’ Compensation Fund Control Board made the following Pneumoconiosis and Tuberculosis certifications:

APRIL 05 01 00 00 01 07
MAY 11 03 00 00 01 15
JUNE 07 04 01 00 01 13
TOTAL 23 08 01 00 03 35

Quarter under review Previous Quarter

APRIL 05 01 00 00 01 07   JAN 18 00 00 00 18
MAY 11 03 00 00 01 15   FEB 06 00 00 00 06
JUNE 07 04 01 00 01 13   MAR 13 01 0001 01 16

For more Details, please use the address below:

Occupational Health and Safety Manager
P.O Box 20205
Telephone: 0212-222133 / 232105
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.