Mrs Priscilla Bwembya

Commissioner and CEO


Mr Kingsley Kangwa Mukwikile

Director Occupational Health and Safety


Director Legal Services


Mrs Michelo Silungwe

Director Compliance and Benefits


 Mr Chalwe Mwale

Director Finance


Mr Frank Chanda

Director Investments











Ms. Regina Chilupula  Chairperson

                   Mrs. Pumulo Mundale                          Director        Mr Gideon Ndalama          Director

        Mr Stephen Sikombe             Director

        Mr. Tyson Chisambo              Director

Ms Esther Kapisa Chisenga Director
       Mrs. Betty Mutambo          Director           Mr Lyson Mando                       Director                Mr. Chishimba Nkole         Director

       Ms Sophie Mutemba           Director 














An Act


- to revise the law relating to the compensation of workers for disabilities suffered or diseases contracted during the course of employment;

- to provide for the merger of the functions of the Workers’ Compensation Fund Control Board and the Pneumoconiosis Compensation of fund for the compensation of workers disabled by accident occurring, or diseases contracted in the course of employment;

- to provide for the payment of compensation to dependants of workers who die as a result of accidents or diseases;


To employers: 


- to provide for the appointment and powers of a Workers’ Compensation Commissioner, the establishment and functions of a workers’ Compensation Fund Board and a workers Compensation Tribunal;

- and to provide for matters connected with and incidental to the foregoing.


Download this file (Workers' Compensation Act.pdf)Workers' Compensation Act[ ]459 kB

Mr. Malaro Nyirenda


Mr. Charles Mfula


Mr. Laston Chikoya


Mr. Nkole Chishimba


Ms. Musonda Ulaya


Mr. Joseph Banda


Ms. Yvonne Mwale