Monthly Pensions Up By 30%
Monthly Pensions Up By 30%
The Minister of Labour and Social Security Honourable Fackson Shamenda, MP has approved the recommendations of the Actuary to increase monthly Pension payments to our Beneficiaries by 30 percent. The Minister has further approved recommendations to index to inflation monthly Pensions for all Benefi
Discover The Story Behind Compensation ‘Workings’
Discover The Story Behind Compensation ‘Workings’

You have seen the news; and probably encountered complaints about meager compensation benefits; now discover the story behind the ‘workings’ that determine compensation packages. The compensation issue is not one without its own stories what with news that in Canada, at the Workers’ Compensation Bo


Welcome to the Workers' Compensation Fund Control Board (WCFCB) website. The WCFCB is a social security scheme responsible for compensating workers in respect of accidents suffered and...

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