Retirees Need Counselling
Retirees Need Counselling Zambia Union of Financial Institutions and Allied Workers Workcom Branch Chairperson Mr. Christopher Mukangwe has urged Management to consider providing counseling services to retirees before they retire and equip them with skills that will enable them lead productive lives after retirement. Speaki ... Read more...
First Ever Customer Service Center Launched
First Ever Customer Service Center Launched   The Workers Compensation Fund Control Board (WCFCB)’s first ever customer service center has been launched.The launch of the customer service center in Lusaka is yet another milestone for the Board, which for the first time, has decentralized its operations. With ongoing reforms in the l ... Read more...

Welcome to the Workers' Compensation Fund Control Board (WCFCB) website. The WCFCB is a social security scheme responsible for compensating workers in respect of accidents suffered and...

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    Workers'Compensation Fund
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     Telephone: 260.212.610481/8
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